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Here at Hot Metal we think everyone should be entitled to the joys of motorcycling, we love having female riders on our tours, but the world of motorcycling like it or not is male dominated (but that is changing). We've been told by female riders that they are wary/nervous about booking tours in case they are the only female rider. Even if this is the case we here at Hot Metal have a zero tolerance policy on any kind of discrimination/sexism. Also If you have numerous female biker friends or are part of a female MC and would like to organise a female only tour, that can be arranged. 

Fun & Friendly Tours

Female only tours*

Female riders on the increase!

• Although motorcycle riding has been stereotypically seen as a male dominated activity, women riders are on the increase. The UK Statistics On Bikes And Motorcycle Licence Holders have confirmed there are now over half a million women holding full motorcycle licences.

• In the USA the Motorcycle Industry Council reported a rise of 52% in female bike riders between 2003 – 2008. The number of women motorcycle owners has also risen 37%, according to the Women Riders Now magazine. MIC’s Owner Survey found that women now make up 14% of all USA motorcycle owners, a number which is definitely on the incline as in 1998 this was a meagre 8%.

In 2013, Harley commissioned a survey conducted by Kelton to find out if women who ride bikes are happier than women who don’t. The study involved interviewing 1,013 adult female riders and 1,016 adult female non riders. The results were incredible:

Women Bikers                                         Women Non Bikers 


                      Report they always feel happy: 

        37%                                                                 16%

                   Report they always feel confident:

        35%                                                                 18%  

Report they are content with communications with their partner: 

        60%                                                                 38%

The survey also found:

• 33% of women bikers report less stress after riding

• More than ½ of women who ride consider their motorbike as a source        of happiness

• 74% of women believe their lives have improved since starting riding


Women were also noted as saying that the following points are the reasons why they ride bikes:

• Freedom
“The freedom and the pure adrenaline rush I feel when I’m in control of such a beautiful machine” –Lamparelli

• Independence

“It’s my Zen, I’m completely in the moment. There’s no cell phone, music, or email that can take me away from my Zen.” – Norton


“Riding’s been the driving force behind life changes. I now know I can do anything I set my mind to.” – Watson

• Adventure 
“I’ve also noticed a shift in more women seeking the adventure style of riding with an eye toward long distance touring on two wheels” – Schmitt, founder and editor of Women Riders Now
Above facts from - Jenny Posted on 15th March 2016 Categories Motorcycle Facts & Figures -

*At least 4 female riders will be needed to operate a full female only tour.

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