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Electric bicycles to buy or hire

Hassle free E-Bike purchase or hire

Our motorcycle hire is perfect if you're coming from outside the UK and can't use your own motorcycle or if you live in the UK and don't currently have a bike ore just fancy a change. We currently offer a good selection from the Triumph range. 

You will have a  full motorcycle license (must be held for a minimum of three years), and aged between 25-75. 


Bikes are only available for hire with the tours, they are not hired out separately for personal use.

Hot Metal Helix.jpg

hot metal - helix

Fat Tire Beach Cruiser e Bike 


Gears – 7 Speed

Frame Material – Steel

Wheel Size – 20"

Voltage – 48V

Motor - 750W

Power Supply – Lithium Battery

Braking System – Disc Brakes

Battery Capacity - 15AH

Buy - £1750.00

hire - £50.0per day

hire - £250.0per week

Hot Metal Helix 5.jpg
Hot Metal Helix 3.jpg
Hot Metal Helix 2.jpg

*If the above motorcycles are unavailable when tour commences a like for like machine will be used as replacement- manufacturer may vary depending on availability

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